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Southern California Photographer

My name is Justin and I am the proprietor and photographer responsible for 7713 Photography.  

My driving passion is to produce images that preserve moments, memories, feelings and Life, be it for my clients, my family or friends.  For me, the real reward is producing images that bring up emotion and feelings in the person viewing them.  

The  best way to see my current work and what I am up to is view and "Like" my Facebook page.

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Thanks for taking the time to visit my site.  I hope you enjoy it and get a little bit of "Life" stirred up inside you.


What does "7713" Mean?

Dates are important.

To some they can be just numbers and often forgotten, but to me dates make up points in Time and points in Life that I wish to cherish, enjoy and remember.

Quite often over the course of Time and Life these feelings, memories, and emotions can become grey and forgotten.

7713 is not just a number, but it is a date. 7-7-13 is the date my son was born. A moment for me filled with happiness, excitement, fear and many other emotions that went by at warp speed. I never want that moment in my life to become grey or forgotten. My Son's birth, my Family, and Life are the inspiration, and motivation, for this creative endeavor that is 7713 Photography.

So now that you know a little bit about me and my business, set up a consultation and let me get a chance to know you. Let's see if we are a fit and let me capture a moment in time, or better yet a moment in Life.

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