How to Download Photos:

If your photos have been paid for or if you were part of a sponsored event, you should be able to download all images for FREE.  Simply click on the icon that has an arrow pointing down with a line underneath it.  You can click this icon for individual image downloads, or you can click on the same icon at the top of the gallery next to 'Buy Photos' to download the entire gallery. 

You can share the link with anyone and who ever views it should be able to download the images individually for FREE. 

If you need help, you can click the link below or scroll to the bottom of your gallery for a video on how to download photos in full resolution. (It may be best to download photos from a computer instead of your phone)

If you have not purchased your photos, or you are not part of a sponsored event you can buy photos by selecting your gallery, click on 'Buy Photos" and then select "Buy Gallery Download" or "Buy Prints"

Here is video on "How to Download Your Photos".

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