About Me

Founder and Photographer

Long before I became a photographer, I was a connoisseur of good movies. My favorite filmmakers always told captivating stories through the scenes they depicted. It was this visual aspect of their storytelling that affected me emotionally and stayed with me. Some of these images were so powerful that they have lingered in my mind for years and now provide the furniture of my own imagination.

My personal experience as a moviegoer explains my belief in the power of photography. With a truly good photo, you can’t just look at it. Your imagination is ignited and you are inspired to tell your own tale. A single picture, taken with the right composition, in the right lighting, and with the right processing can concentrate an entire saga into a single moment. Images are story, and it is often through the stories they tell that we relate to our lives. That seems like magic to me. As a photographer, it has been my desire to master this mysterious power and share it with others.

When I do a photo shoot — whether it’s a headshot, a meet-and-greet, or just product — I’m always searching for the story. Uncovering that perspective is the trick of the photographic art, and it’s something I seek to accomplish in every one of my shoots.

If you think I could be of help to you in creating the images that tell your story, let’s get in touch.

See you behind the camera, 

Justin Gill

Founder and Proprietor of 7713 Photography

What does "7713" Mean?

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Dates are important.

To some, a date is merely a number to be forgotten. But to me dates locate discrete points in time that I wish to remember and cherish.

7713 is not just a number but marks a date of great importance — July 7, 2013. That was the day my son was born. It was a time in my life filled with happiness, excitement, fear, and many other emotions that went by at warp speed. Everything became more vivid for me in that moment and my life found new significance. I never want those feelings to be forgotten. That event and everything it means to me is the inspiration and motivation for the creative endeavor that is 7713 Photography.